Fashion & beauty
Your issues
  • Client targeting and monitoring

  • Analysis of core brand values

  • The necessity of bringing brands up to date with trends and maintaining leadership

  • The building of product lines and ranges

  • The definition of fields of imagery and research into their characterisation (advertising, design, packaging..)

  • How to emotionally nurture the experience at the point of sale & show room

  • Development of textures, flavours and fragrances

Our strengths
  • The ability to understand the mechanisms linking a client to a brand

  • Deciphering symbol-based universes

  • The potential for putting trans-cultural dimensions into perspective

  • Our international network of experts including Asia and Brazil in particular


Ethnographic techniques

Brand/product universe
immersion groups
(imagery interviews …)

Explorer of Social Trends

Creative groups
for trend-setters

of points of sale

Sensorial analysis