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An innovative structure

We have chosen the
versatility and flexibility
of a network-style
international structure
connecting a small team
of psycho-socio-trained
consultants and research
directors from various
cultures and all trained
according to our working
In this way, we have
progressively built up
solid, enriching
co-operative working
relationships with all
those concerned.

An operational structure

We have acquired a reputation for knowing how to select the best team for each project, by choosing both the most competent team and the team with the closest affinity to the issue to be researched whether that be : energy, transport, commercial planning, public space architecture, education, the environment, design and fashion …

An efficient structure

We always strive to formalise both our study findings and recommendations to make them directly applicable by the relevant decision-makers.
If need be, we can accompany you in the next stage of transforming these findings into commercial success.

A sensitive structure

We know that human nature cannot always be reduced to statistics: our expertise in projective qualitative and ethnographic techniques, in the final analysis,  enables us to formulate  the keys for the success of your  projects with a major socially-based component.