French English

The stimulation and piloting of innovation through qualitative approaches, creative research and project management.

Going beyond « the typical French » approach for a better understanding of the cultural differences of foreign markets in order to export more effectively.

Your issues
  • Understanding the use, practices and rituals linked to everyday products

  • To be able to optimize the creation of new concepts (fertilization approach)

  • Up-dating  heuristic insights and generating new concepts (clearing approach)

  • Creating a story for a brand

  • Nurturing the emotional and sensorial  experience of a point of sale

  • What should we know about the Brazilian, Chinese or Russian consumers …in order to export effectively?
Our strengths
  • Research of ad hoc methodologies

  • Providing the keys to understand the dialogue between the emotional and the functional

  • Deciphering a specific symbolic universe and its cultural characteristics

  • Piloting design or style teams

  • Formalising operational, directly applicable recommendations



Preparatory and support
missions for export

Ethnographic  techniques

Filmed ethno documentaries

Ethno-diagnosticS OF sales outlets

Focus groups

In-home interviews

Usability testing

Competitive benchmarking

Creative focus groups
for trend-setters

Concept pre-tests
in France and internationally

Clinic tests for prototypes

Creative moderation
of pilot groups

Accompanied expert visits

Explorer of Societal
Trends (EX.TEN.S0) ®