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Positive Territories

In the realm of urban planning and development projects there are the actors who want to act FOR the good of citizens… sometimes WITHOUT those citizens… even leading to certain citizens feeling this is AGAINST them…


And then there are those who, being aware of this danger, would like to act ALONGSIDE those same citizens…


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Revitalising the decision-maker Δ citizen dialogue for the success of your projects

Getting you the keys of understanding and the leverage for the production of positive citizen experiences : mobility, housing, leisure, services, businesses, culture…


Providing, at each stage of your projects, the successful mix of qualitative research, prospective studies and strategic planning

According to your needs and issues, made-to-measure solutions for positive transformation: projective research, creative consultation, design management, communication…

Our tools



  • Immersive ethnographical research
  • Social Trends Explorer (Explorateur des Tendances Sociétales Ex.Ten.So)
  • Benchmarking
  • Typology analysis
  • Image studies




  • Exploratory qualitative research
  • Projective research
  • Design thinking lab
  • Citizen platforms




  • Generating of new concepts
  • Communication-consultation strategies
  • Empowerment of citizens / agents
  • Support to change management