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We are a worldwide qualitative marketing research team, with a passion for working on the insight of both customer and citizen. This enables us to power new ideas, to execute and interpret multinational research for agencies, corporations and emerging markets, by helping them navigate the wave of change in product research and product Innovation. Our ability to turn qualitative research into actionable results is recognized by the B2B area where we frequently work.

Our experience covers a wide range of a topics: exploratory research, customer satisfaction and perception studies, consumer purchasing behavior, brand image, positioning studies, research into new concepts (products and services), car clinic, concept testing, prototype testing, usability tests, creativity workshops and Culture Trend Studies based on Lifestyle analysis

ACME Consultants implement rigorous methodology, selecting the most appropriate tools: in-depth interviews, focus groups, creativity workshops, prospective labs, ethnographic and observational research, on-line bulletin boards and forums, desk research, experts IDI, gang surveys, total immersion.

Our preferred sectors are : automotive, industry, home appliances and personal electronic devices, mobility & connectivity , travel and tourism, distribution and retailing, public utilities and FCMG.