Who are ACME Consultants ?


We were among the first companies, in France, to shake up classic survey techniques in order to free up the consumer’s creative word in order to decipher hidden, deep-set motivations.
Today, this represents over 3000 research projects carried out successfully in France and internationally.


Founded in 1976 by Jacques Pierre Mariot, theAgency for Creativity and Methods ofEvolution*, had as its primary vocation, the development of creativity within businesses : the establishment and moderation of «cells of creativity», the launch of « circles of quality », the coaching of managers in the innovation process.

(*) ACME = Greek word which stands for « the moment of the greatest development »


From 1985 onwards, we progressively extended our working methods to include trend qualitative research with a new ambition : to welcome the client’s non-rational universe into the business and « plug it into » all those aspects that structure its behaviour in emotional terms: motivations, expectations, representations, values, rituals…


In order to move from superficial description to dynamic understanding, we are constantly renewing our investigative techniques : neuroscience marketing, clinic-based and ethnographic approaches , strategic benchmarking, exploration of societal trends, private forums, online bulletin boards, mobile qual…